We have created a unique digital book, the way that was never done before, and you could be the proud parent who captured the baby’s precious milestones and special moments in this innovative way. The flipbook feature will make you feel as if you are using an actual physical book. Baby’s First Years brings you the best of the both physical and digital worlds experiences together.

Salient features

  • The innovative look and feel that will capture your and your child’s attention with over 90 pages of access.
  • Add photos and create your own portfolio with a touch of button either capturing through the camera or from your existing photo library
  • Add videos with a touch of a button either capturing through your device camera or from your existing video library.
  • Capture your baby’s physical growth and see the progress with our innovative height and weight charts.
  • Dental chart to record when their teeth showed up.
  • Capture not only the milestones but also the memories, photos and videos of important celebrations and vacations.
  • You can go back and edit the book anytime and create a complete book for your child.


  • Android, iOS, PhoneGap, JQueryMobile, HTML5, CSS3
  • Turn.js, SQLite, Camera, Video etc

Other Details

  • Project : Baby’s First Years
  • Client : Asman
  • Domain : Lifestyle