THE PBS COMES TO IPHONE, ANDROID AND IPAD Mobile prescribers now have access to key PBS prescribing information such as prescriber codes and prescribing conditions. Exclusive sponsorship to major therapeutic areas is now available to pharmaceutical and device companies.

Salient features

  • The app displays the dynamic content that can be modified by the admin using the admin GUI.
  • Responsive design and the corresponding images for the specific device will be fetched and displayed accordingly.
  • Inline child browser feature.
  • All the content is fetched from the server using RESTful Services with JSON.
  • Push Notifications using APNS for iOS devices.
  • Push Notifications using GCM for Android devices.


  • Android, iOS
  • RESTful Services, JSON, CakePHP, MySQL, Xampp
  • Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics
  • Apple Push Notification Services, Google Cloud Messaging

Other Details

  • Project : PBS Code
  • Client : Antidote Marketing
  • Client Location : Australia
  • Domain : Healthcare