MedEvent provides information relating to specific healthcare conferences and meetings.

Salient features

  • The app displays the dynamic content that can be modified by the admin using the admin GUI.
  • Responsive design and the corresponding images for the specific device will be fetched and displayed accordingly.
  • Users can participate in a contest by taking their stall photos and uploading it to the server.
  • All the content is fetched from the server using RESTful Services with JSON.
  • Push Notifications using APNS for iOS devices.
  • Push Notifications using GCM for Android devices.


  • Android, iOS
  • RESTful Services, JSON, CakePHP, MySQL, Xampp
  • Apple Push Notification Services, Google Cloud Messaging
  • Google Maps, Geo Location
  • Push Notifications using APNS for iOS devices.
  • Offline Navigation.

Other Details

  • Project : Medevent
  • Client : Antidote Marketing
  • Client Location : Australia
  • Domain : Healthcare