Select a sports, place, time and search for a player. System will save your preference and search the relevant player and send him an invitation to play. He accepts it then both play. You have a profile, history of games and notification page.

Also if u wants you can invite friends from Facebook through events API and they can accept and play.

Salient features

  • App is developed using JQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3 and packaged with PhoneGap framework.
  • The app displays the dynamic content that can be modified by the admin using the admin GUI.
  • Responsive design and the corresponding images for the specific device will be fetched and displayed accordingly.
  • Facebook Integration with Facebook Graph API.
  • Inline child browser feature.
  • All the content is fetched from the server using RESTful Services with JSON.
  • Push Notifications using APNS for iOS devices.


  • Android, iOS, PhoneGap, JQueryMobile, HTML5, CSS3
  • RESTful Services, JSON, CakePHP, MySQL, Xampp
  • Facebook Graph API.
  • Apple Push Notification Services

Other Details

  • Project : All Sports 4 Everyone
  • Client : Apple Care India
  • Client Location : India
  • Domain : Social App